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2023 07 Sign MOU with 'One Way', 'Koneylab Store'
    Sign MOU with 'Fibertex Nonwovens', a Denmark business
    Sign MOU with SEOULTECH
    Start pilot operation of Cupggiri on SEOULTECH Student Hall 1st floor
    Chosen as "The only Korean" Green field, in University Startup World Cup Finalists 2023
    Move into KU Campus Town
  06 Adopted on the first page of 'PeopleTotay'
    Selected as AI Data Voucher Support Project
    Sign MOU with 'EQUAL'
    Sign MOU with 'TBU'
    Sign MOU with 'BlueRobot'
    Sign MOU with 'HighVella', Jeju University Student Council and Club Association
  05 Newsmaker selects innovation leader to lead Korea in May issue 2023
    The Ministry of SMEs and Startups selects companies that participate in the Makerspace field visit event
    Organize youth ESG inter-business dialogue events
    Monthly Interview Selected Cover Story for May Issue
    People Today's May Cover Story Selection
    Sign MOU with 044yangjo
  04 ECONOMY VIEW Selected as a Cover Story for the April Issue
    Sign MOU with 'DAGACHI' in Youth Hope Factory
    Jochiwon Spring Flower Festival Booth Operation (Start-up Hanmadang)
    Jochiwon Flea Market Booth Operation
  03 Selected office of Korea University Piville 201
    ISSUEMAKER magazine's March cover story selection
    Sign MOU with Makerspace in KU Sejong Campus
    Selection of companies participating in the public market entry program (3rd term) in 2023
  02 Sign MOU with 'Upcyclean'
    Sign MOU with 'With Tree'
    Sign MOU with 'Parrot clinic & Cafe In Art'
    Sign MOU with 'AROMA JOIN', Japanese company
    Selected for Excellent Team on 2022 University Innovation Support Project Performance Spread Forum in KU Sejong Campus
    Announcement at 2022 Integration Performance Sharing Program
  01 NAWA's own Performance Sharing Program
    Sign MOU with '0SHELL'
    Sign MOU with 'Hongik University Sejong Campus MakerLand& NK INNOVATION & Team RE : 利 & SALT GAMES'
    Sign MOU with 'stillmaspring'
    Start pilot operation of Cupggiri on unmanned cafe CH Lounge
    Terminate pilot operation of Cupggiri nearby Coffee Mama, KU Sejong Campus
    Selected as participant of Consumer Electronics Show(CES)
    Appear on "클로즈업 기업현장", show of Fox Economy TV (23.01.04)
    Sign MOU with 'SkyViewerSolution'
2022 12 Selected and operated exhibition booth of performance report program of Korea Invention Promotion Association Sejong Branch
    Sign MOU with 'SO SOM', a Startup Club in Korean National University of Cultural Heritage
    Sign MOU with 'PAL Cultural Heritage Center'
    Appear on Sejong FM98.9 MHz Radio (Kang Ki-hoon's Youth Agora, 16th episode)
    Selected as "Sejong BCC Program", 2nd Science Commercialization Comprehensive Support Project of JNP GLOBAL
    Selected and operated experience booth in Daejeon Mary Startup Festival
    Participated in Hana Financial ESG Social Venture University Warfare
  11 Participated in the 2nd Youth Entrepreneurship Idea Competition as representative
    Selected and operated Startup booth in "청년창업 한마당" in Cho Chi-won
    Sign MOU with 'KIRIT'
    Start pilot operation of Cupggiri nearby Coffee Mama, KU Sejong Campus
    Terminate pilot operation of Cupggiri at right side of the main gate bus stop in KU Sejong Campus
  10 Conduct Business Registration of NAWA (10.28) and moved in Sejong Startup Bill (10.30)
    Start pilot operation of Cupggiri at right side of the main gate bus stop in KU Sejong Campus
    Selected and operate booth in Sejong Startup Week
    Sign MOU with 'SJ PULP'
  09 Register on 2022 KU STARTUP Start-up Club
    Participate and complete "2022 Hana Social Venture University", a Start-up Education Program
    Exhibit prototype of Cupggiri in Production Hall of Chungnam Creative Economy Innovation Center
  08 Participated in Value-Up Program for Start-up Clubs in Chungnam
    Selected as 2022 Science Belt Startup Growth Support Project (Track A) by KU Sejong Industrial Cooperation Group
    Selected in "IP 디딤돌", Supporting Project of Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) Sejong Branch
  07 Selection as participant of "2022 우리동네 과학클럽", Local Project in Sejong Techno Park (STP)
    Idea delivery (Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul) and completion in "2022 서울, 청년이 그린다"


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2023 06 3rd place in the 14th KU Entrepreneurship Competition
  05 2023 Innovation Leader to Lead Korea in Management Innovation Part Selection - Newsmaker
  01 The 4th Idea-Tone Hackathon Competition Excellence Award.
    2023 Sejong Area IR Competition Encouragement Award
    2023 Kickstart Aisa 2022_Transformative Innovation Startup Workshop
2022 12 2022 Best Practices Contest for ICT Innovation Square Spread Project in Chungcheong Province Selected Best Practices in Sejong City
    2022 Hongik University Sejong Campus Manufacturing-Based Start-up Idea Competition Excellence Award
    2022 Hana ESG Social Venture University Grand Prize.
  11 2022 Elections for the 11th Samsung Energy Environment Exploration Contest
    2022 DSC Regional Innovation Platform Start-up Competition Grand Prize
    2022 Smart City Startup Idea Contest Grand Prize
  10 2022 ICT Innovation Square National Artificial Intelligence Idea Contest Award for Encouragement
    2022 Regional University Startup Club Idea Advancement Bellu-Up Program Grand Prize
    2022 Sejong Union Startup Competition Grand Prize
    2022 Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Hackathon Competition Grand Prize
  09 2022 Chungcheong Province ICT Innovation Contest Excellence Award
  08 2022 Jeju City Policy Idea Contest Encouragement Award
    2022 Daegu ESG Social Contribution Partners Day Award for Director of the Korea Real Estate Agency
  05 2022 Demo Day Grand Prize for University Start-up Club in Chungnam, Sejong